Castor oil from Wadi Al-Nahil, 100% natural oil (125 ml) * Reducing hair loss: Castor oil may help reduce hair loss and strengthen it. * Preventing hair split ends: Castor oil can contribute to reducing split ends and making hair look healthier. Benefits of castor oil for the skin: * Moisturizing: Castor oil can be a good moisturizer for dry skin, and can be used to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. * Use to soften the lips: Castor oil can be used to moisturize and soften dry and cracked lips. * Use in a skin scrub: Castor oil can be mixed with other oils to prepare a natural skin scrub that helps improve the skin’s texture. * Improving the appearance of the eyebrows and eyelashes: Castor oil can be used on the eyebrows and eyelashes to improve their texture and moisturize, which helps in promoting their growth and making them appear thicker.< /p>