Luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (500g) is the rare honey from Sidr flowers, used throughout the ages, brought to you exclusively by Wadi al-Nahl, examined in the highest and finest honey laboratories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the reason for its name is due to its production from Sidr trees in India and Pakistan in The mountains of Kashmir, and is distinguished by its pleasant taste similar to caramel.

Product Description:

  • Luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (500g).

The most important and prominent benefits of Kashmiri Sidr honey:

  • It is used as a stimulant to stimulate blood circulation and energy in the body.
  • It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that fight cancer tumors and also contains many fatty acids.
  • It greatly supports the immune system and fights all types of germs and viruses.
  • Strengthens memory and protects against Alzheimer’s disease for the elderly.
  • It helps in treating skin diseases, including: (psoriasis and eczema).
  • Rich in health benefits for married couples.
  • It is the best seller in Wadi Al Nahil store.

Frequently asked questions about luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (500g):

  • Is the luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey product (500g) guaranteed?

Yes, we here at Wadi Al-Nahl guarantee our customers a 100% guaranteed product. We have many years of experience in producing the finest types of original raw honey throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we guarantee you the quality, good taste, and original product.

  • Is the price of luxury Kashmiri Sidr honey (500g) expensive?

No, we at Wadi Al Nahil provide our valued customers with the finest types of original honey at an unparalleled price due to our constant keenness to always provide the best to our customers.

  • How can I benefit from premium Kashmiri Sidr honey (500g)?

You can include honey in your diet as follows:

  • Take a tablespoon in a cup of warm water on an empty stomach daily.
  • Replace manufactured white sugar with honey to sweeten juices, warm drinks, and baked goods.
  • Take a tablespoon of honey with a cup of warm milk before bed to enjoy a peaceful and deep sleep.