Mustard oil from Wadi al-Nahl  ,, 100% natural oil  (125 ml)Benefits of mustard oil for hair and skin * Revitalizing hair: Mustard oil helps revitalize the scalp and hair, which can contribute to stimulating hair growth. * Improve hair elasticity: Mustard oil can help improve hair elasticity and overall appearance. * Improving hair shine: Mustard oil helps improve hair shine and make it more vibrant * Strengthening hair: Mustard oil can help strengthen hair follicles and make hair stronger and more durable. * Cleansing the skin: Mustard oil helps clean the skin and open the pores, giving the skin a radiant appearance.
* Cleansing oily skin: Mustard oil helps clean oily skin and helps control sebum secretion. * Moisturizing hair and skin: Mustard oil can help moisturize hair and skin and help them maintain their moisture levels.